Strasburg 2010 Bowman Superfractor 1/1 sells for $3,289 on Beckett Auctions

Well, the saga may finally be over. The 2010 Stephen Strasburg infamous Superfractor 1/1 sold for $3.289  through Beckett Media. The proceeds for the card will be given to charities picked via previous owner Devin Grant.

I thought the price was going to be a lot higher. The silver lining is that the bidding exceeded the initial bid of $1,000.00. We’ll see how long the new owner holds onto the one of the most popular cards from the past five years.

2010 Bowman Strasburg Superfractor gets first bid for $1,000


With less then three days to go to iconic 2010 Bowman Stephen Strasburg Superfractor 1/1 card gets a bid for $1,000. Hope it gets more…lots more. The proceeds will go to childrens charitable organizations. Beckett, the company that graded the card after Robert Power, the card’s second owner, submitted it to them to be graded in a thick plastic case. is running the auction. If you want to check out the auction of one the most important cards of the last five years check it out here:

2010 Bowman Strasburg Superfractor goes up for Auction

The iconic 2010 Bowman Stephen Strasburg BP1 card is being auctioned off by Devin Grant. Mr, Grant, a restaurant owner in California plans to donate the auction proceeds to charities. This was Grant’s initial intention to donate the proceeds for the infamous card in 2011 during Game 1 of the 2011 World Series but due to tax issues with the charity involved the raffle was terminated.

The starting bid is $1.000.

What do you think the final auction price will be? Do you plan to bid on this iconic card Feel free to share your thoughts.

2010 Bowman Strasburg SuperFractor 1/1 headed to the Nationals Sports Collectors Convention

Hello card collectors, Devin Grant has recently informed me that the iconic 2010 Bowman Stephen Strasburg SuperFractor 1/1 card has been sent to Beckett where it will be displayed at the upcoming National Sports Collector Convention this week at Donald E Stephens Center in Rosemont, IL. The infamous card that created such a hysteria in the card market five years ago when Strasburg made a huge splash in his major league debut with a dominating performance striking out 14 Pirates in seven innings in his major league debut on June 8th, 2010. His promise and expectations created such a stir for his baseball cards and baseball cards in general where his Bowman rookie card was skyrocketing in value, with Beckett putting him on the cover with the title “Washington Monument”.

The card has had four owners: Leo Kim, who originally pulled it from a box of 2010 Bowman Box auctioned the card on eBay which was won by the second owner accountant, Robert Power, for $16.403. The card became a burden to Power due to the negative publicity he was receiving, who in turn re-auctioned the card in an eBay auction. The card had hundreds potential buyers and it was sold for $25,000 but, the owners who agreed to pay Power for the card, did not pay.  Mr. Power was later contacted by Brian Gray, CEO of Leaf Trading Cards, who purchased the card from Power at the Beckett Media HQ that was posted in a YouTube video as the baton was passed to Gray, under the observation of Chris Olds, the editor for Beckett Baseball for $21.403 payment via a cashier’s check. Gray repacked the card in his Razor Rookie Retro that created a buzz for chasing Strasburg. This led to Devin Grant, restaurant owner in Northern Calling, to pull the card from a $200 Razor Rookie Retro box in 2011. He was surprised and wanted to sell the card through a raffle to raise money for the Brian Stow fund. Stow, who was brutally beaten up by fans outside Dodger Stadium during a Giants vs. Dodgers baseball game in 2011. The raffle was to take place the same day as Game 1 of the 2011 World Series but due to tax unresolved tax issues, the raffle was cancelled. All raffle ticket purchases at $10 each were refunded, with couple of bucks interest and an apologetic letter from Mr. Grant.

Unfortunately, Strasburg has not lived up to the hype. Due to a torn ACL in 2010 he has had up and down seasons and his card values has faded.  That being said, the 2010 Strasburg Superfractor generated a lot of renewed interest in baseball card collecting with collector’s young and old busting packs and chasing cards hoping to find the next superfractor, Holy Grail, or iconic card.

Grant is relieved that he has passed along the card to Beckett, where it should get its due attention at the NSCC. I hope the next owner realizes how special the 2010 Bowman Strasburg 1/1 card is. For a card that is not autographed it revived an industry that has taken its lumps for the past twenty years. Now with a boatload of new stars taking the field, like Bryce Harper, Mike Trout and George Springer I hope that when fans and collectors of baseball cards look back and reflect at the level of interest, positive and negative, the modern day Holy Grail created. If you get a pic of the card at the convention can you please  send me a reply.

Happy chasing. May you get the pull of a lifetime. Rob at br4bcr

Devin Grant still holding the infamous 2010 Strasburg Superfractor

A few months ago I heard from Devin Grant. The restaurant owner from California who is an avid baseball fan and fortunate card collector to get the pull of a lifetime for cardboard lovers still is clutching the infamous 2010 Bowman Stephen Strasburg Superfractor 1/1, but is waiting for the right opportunity to pass it along. He informed me that he will keep me posted as to what happens. Stay tuned for any new developments.

Hope you’ll check out my next post regarding the life of Jefferson R. Burdick — the pioneer of card collecting who amassed over 303,000 cards, where they are now glued in catalogs at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art.

By the way, does anybody remember the story about the 2010 Bowman Strasburg Superfractor 1/1. Does anyone care? Please let me know. Thanks for reading.

2010 Strasburg pie in the face card – Creepy looking card.

  • I know I missed a post for Halloween. However, as another MLB season is concluded and as we wait for 2015 Topps cards to come out to bust open packs, I would like to talk about one particular Strasburg card, that is — 2010 Topps 2010 Topps #661F Pie in The Face Variation Card:2010-Topps-661F-Stephen-Strasburg-UPD-Pie-in-the-Face

I have got to admit this is a creepy yet cool looking card. It is up for sale as a BIN on eBay for $100. He looks like a Royal Guard from the Revolutionary War that is being shipped to Madam Tussaud’s wax museum. Strasburg looks like he was a good sport when this was picture was taken. It is a really cool card in my opinion. The mystique of Strasburg’s cards still live on and if you are a hard-core collector of his cards then this is one you should definitely own.

I will be posting the introduction to my book Chasing Stephen: The story of how one card lit a spark into a fading industry.

Here is the link for the card being sold on eBay:


MLB popularity continues to wane. In fact, I think it is the number 4 professional sport in the US behind, NFL Football, NBA, NCAA College Football, — but it is still ahead of NHL, NCAA Basketball and PGA Golf. But for one brief moment I became absorbed in MLB’s last game of 2014 with a nail biter game that was won by the San Francisco Giants. With two outs in the bottom of the ninth, Alex Gordon took an outside pitch and lined it to left center that got by the Giants center fielder. He got to third and stopped there — but was really hoping initially to take a chance and go home and beat an errant throw or have the next batter drive him in and send it to extra innings. The game had the potential to be reminiscent of the 1986 World Series when the Mets down to their last out and to their last strike, put a rally together with three consecutive weakly hit singles and Bill Buckner’s gaffaw to end the game and send it to game 7, where the Mets came from behind again to take that World Series.

But just for a second the fire was still lit. There was excitement and buzz for MLB Baseball and hope that baseball will take some of this energy and transfer it to an interesting 2015.

The Glimmer of the game which traces it origins in the US back to the Civil War needs work. I have one suggestion, actually two: 1) Scale back the season to 158 games to allow the Wildcards to have a best of three series instead of a one game playoff, 2)Start game one of the World Series on a Saturday night instead of a Tuesday night; this will allow kids and families to watch it instead of starting on a Tuesday night where ratings will tend to be lower. I’m not an MLB executive but that is my opinion. I respect the MLB for trying to improve the game and I know that there is a lot of work and marketing involved in the process.

Congratulations again to the Giants and the Royals for another great World Series.